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Cedric LE LAY

Computer Scientist – Graduate Student at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Researching Collaborative Virtual Reality Spaces.

Featured Project

Web module:
Ventilation needs for passiv energie japan inc.

I designed this web module that works out the need for ventilation (product + quantity) given house rooms and dimensions to assist the company’s marketing team in their quotation process.

It automatically generates a PDS with feasibility and need: JavaScript (ES6), Jquery, Data Structure Algorithm (QuickSort), JSPDF.

You may view the live demo, but please note it was originally developed in Japanese so you should use your browser’s translation service if you do not understand.


Marketing website


movie-browsing app

React-native module

Cedchartjs (deprecated)

i am available for full-time roles from
september 2023 and part-time from now.

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